Two lenses we often enjoy converting, are the Contax Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 Planar and the SLR Magic 50mm f/0.95 LM Hyperprime.

The Contax Zeiss Planar is a lens renowned for its flat image field, almost nonexistent focus shift, and absolute sharpness stopped down.  Coupled with a pre-ASPH Summilux vignetting profile, it becomes a fantastic and very cost-effective alternative to the Summilux lenses.

For these conversions, and other 50mm SLR types, we design and fabricate a custom brass CAM which takes the lenses focusing movement and translates it back to the rangefinder cameras swing arm. Then, an appropriate adaption from the lenses native mount to M mount is implemented.

Adjustment of the lenses optics takes place to target a 51.6mm focal length with infinity reached at the hard focus stop. The lens is tested and further adjusted to ensure 0.7m MFD coupling through infinity is accurate across the entire rangefinder coupled range, making any necessary adjustments to the brass CAM as needed. We also provide a 6-bit coding option on conversions, to aid with metadata, sorting and profiling. Each lens conversion is unique, and best to contact us about the lens you may wish to convert.  Typically, the full service to convert a 50mm SLR lens to Leica rangefinder coupling costs between £299 and £449, and it includes the full service of the lens. The conversion work is backed up by a 12 months transferable warranty and represents a service that no other competitor can offer.

For users who own the 50mm SLR Magic Hyperprime, a lens that attempts to take on the Leica 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux, and manages to succeed in certain areas – we can service and modify your lens. We are possibly the only company outside of Asia with this capability.  We have also been able to convert the more common ‘uncoupled’ version of this lens, which uses an M mount still, to a robustly coupled and highly accurate rangefinder version.  In the process we add a custom made brass CAM that is an improvement over the factory coupled designs and adjustable if need be.  Clients, who own the non-coupled version of this lens and wish to get it coupled, can do so for a flat fee of £399. This includes all necessary parts, labour, a full service of the lens during the conversion, calibration, test certificate, and finally – our 12 months transferable warranty.

To book your Leica conversion, click below:

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  1. Would you collimate my Jupiter 8? It’s one of the last, black versions and is in perfect shape but doesn’t focus correctly on my M240.


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