Leitz 35mm Mikro-Summar – Barnack Omnar


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Finish: Semi-Gloss Black
Weight: 130 grams
Protrusion off Camera: 16.5mm
RF coupled focus: 0.65m to Infinity
Close focus MFD: 0.4m
Aperture equivalent: f/4.5 thru f/16

The mikro-summar lenses are the ones Oscar Barnack first used on his Ur-Leica Model 1 prototype.

They were first developed in 1907, and were made initially for microscopes. They are extremely small, and can be found in uncoated and coated forms with brass bodies and black lacquer finishing.

The mikro-summar lenses actually cover the 35mm full frame without issue, there is zero hard vigntetting. Infact, stopped down to ‘6’ and they are outstandingly sharp for their size. They also make some beautiful images with rich vibrant colors and bokeh.

We’ve taken a collection of these mikro-summars and created the Barnack Omnar body to rehouse them, which permits full RF coupling from 0.65m to Infinity. The 35mm versions also has a close focus ability of 0.4m
They are the smallest optical lens that is made by Leitz which when combined with the Barnack Omnar, can be used on the Leica M RF system.


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