Angenieux 90mm f/1.8 Lens – Leica M Conversion


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For sale on behalf of a client:

90mm f/1.8 Paris Angenieux lens, Made in France.

The lens was originally converted to Leica M mount with RF coupling by AF Wong.

We further serviced the lens to better centre the optics, and did a full restoration to the converted helicoid system. The aperture control system also has all new greases. The aperture is oil free.

The lens is RF coupled from Infinity to 0.7m MFD. From Infinity to 1m, the lens is very accurate using the RF patch system on the rangefinder cameras. Below 1m, the optical formula begins to have some focus shift the closer one focuses, which also triggers an effective focal length change (known as focus breathing in cinema terms). As such, the linear RF cam on rangefinder lenses can not compensate for this close focus shift, and this is often why Leica 90mm focal length lenses are limited to 1m MFD.

On this particular lens conversion, the helicoid does permit focus down to 0.7m MFD, but its highly advised to use live view/ EVF from the 0.7m to 1m range to get accurate focusing at these ultra close distances. The RF patch can be used accurately from 1m to INF, making this lens able to be used on Leica film cameras like M3, M5, M6…etc

The lens also triggers the 50/ 75 frame line set, a function of the conversion helicoid used to originally convert the lens.

The native LTM versions of the Angenieux Paris 90mm f/1.8 lens often sell for double to triple the price. This version was originally Exacta mount before its conversion. Its a shooters lens, for those that want the delicate and beautiful rendering of the 90mm Angenieux lens for usage on their M rangefinder camera system, without paying the 10,000+ associated with buying an excellent copy of the LTM version.

Lens condition:
Underwent full overhaul/ restoration. All mechanical components ultrasonically cleaned, and rebuilt using synthetic greases. Aperture system was completely de-greased. Optical block matched to the lenses RF cam for 1m to INF focus accuracy at f/1.8. Optically re-centered for maximum central sharpness at closer to mid distances.

Front element has a collection of micro scratches, a few longer scratches also. None of these scratches appears to affect the image quality. Optics internally, there are some minor cleaning marks, and aging to a few edges. One element appears to have had some minor polishing to remove previous haze, again, this does not seem to affect the image quality. The optics were cleaned during the recent service. This is one of the sharper copies of the lens we have come across.

Sample Images: All Sample Images were shot at f/1.8 wide open, with the exception of the castle across the lake photo, which was shot at f/9. The sample images come from a mixture of Leica M11, M9 and Sony A7RII cameras.

Included with the lens is a front clip on cap and rear M cap. A recent service certificate is also included.