Canon 50mm f/1.5 LTM / M Lens – 0.8m MFD Modified


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This is a Canon 50mm f/1.5 LTM lens, double coated, which has been fully serviced and restored by us. It has had its helicoid and other internal parts modified to permit a new 0.8m MFD while maintaining full RF coupling from 0.8m thru Infinity.

Using a variety of precision CNC machines, lathes and other specialized equipment, we’ve modified the lens’s mechanics to have a new MFD of 0.8m, instead of the stock 1m MFD, while maintaining RF coupling. All of the existing mechanics of the lens were ultrasonically cleaned during the conversion. New synthetic greases were used upon its reassembly. The lens has been calibrated for f/1.5 aperture at 0.8m thru Infinity focus usage. The lens fonts have been redone to Gold lettering, which matches the slight brassing the lens has on its finish.

The elements were all cleaned during the service. Optically, the lens elements are in excellent condition for its age. There is some minor coating marks and a few light scratches on the front element. The rear element is near mint. There is some occasional dust inside the lens (very minor) that could not be completely removed during the service and a few fine internal cleaning marks. The lens has no haze, no fungus. This is the early double coated (blue and purple) version of this lens, which is known for its beautiful color rendering.

Sample Images:
Most of the sample images were taken at the new MFD distance of 0.8m on a Leica M11 camera using the wider apertures.

Lens comes with a front metal Canon cap, rear M cap, a 6-bit Coded LTM to M adapter and and a complimentary Canon 40mm UV filter. The Canon UV filter has a scratch in the far corner. The lens also comes with an original Canon push on metal box hood, with its leather case. Its a nice kit for both film and digital rangefinder users, who want the maximum focus range available to them.

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