Carl Zeiss 21mm f/4.5 Biogon w/ Viewfinder – Leica M conversion


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Custom Carl Zeiss 21mm f/4.5 Biogon w/ Viewfinder, converted for Leica M RF usage with full RF coupling.

Mechanics: Chrome plated Brass ‘Amedeo’ CRF to LM Converter modified for usage with this lens. The 21mm Biogon has undergone a series of modifications to permit it to work on Leica M. Normally this lens will not work on Leica. Rear baffling, a reduced sized rear optical sub-mechanics, internal coupling modifications and some new parts permit the lens to now work flawlessly on Leica M cameras (excluding Leica M5). As a result of the modifications done to convert the lens, the lens will no longer work on the Contax cameras. Lens underwent a full service and optical cleaning during the conversion. New synthetic lubricants, optical centering and collimation. An exquisite copy now for usage on Leica M cameras, as very few of these Contax RF 21mm Biogon lenses were made, which were built to some of the highest mechanical standards in the history of camera lenses.

Optics: Near Mint, no discernible marks can be observed. No scratches. No fungus. No Haze. Aperture control system was fully dismantled and rebuilt.

Viewfinder: Viewfinder also underwent a full service. Internal optics were cleaned and the glass positions calibrated. The mounting shoe underwent a modification to machine a 45 Degree Chamfer to the left front edge, to permit mounting on the Leica M cold shoe.

Bespoke, one-off creation. Only one like this. Amazing image quality, see last photo.
Includes a front push-on metal cap and a custom made rear M cap that protects the protruding rear element. Original Zeiss 21mm Viewfinder also included.

Comes with a complimentary Chrome E40.5 Minolta UV Filter.

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