Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2 Biogon Custom Leica M lens – CZ35-20 Omnar


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Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2 Biogon lens, which has been rehoused into the all brass helicoid Omnar pancake lens system.  Many new mechanics were made specifically for this lens conversion, such as the rope knurled silver finished custom focus ring.   Lens is able to focus down to 0.3m MFD, and is RF coupled from 0.65m to Infinity.

Mechanics:  The optical block of a 35mm ZM Biogon was rehoused into a custom made Omnar body, creating the CZ35-20 Omnar lens seen here.  The lens’s original helicoid was unrepairable, so we took the perfectly good optical block from that lens, and created an all new high precision body for it.  There are no Teflon rollers or other parts inside that can wear down over time.
The new MFD of 0.3m is much closer then the stock helicoid’s 0.7m,  the lens focuses very smoothly, thanks to the all brass helicoid, and is a joy to use. All things considered, this body is an upgrade from the stock body which is known to have reliability/ longevity issues (hence why we had to rehouse this one in the first place).

Optics:  Near mint, very sharp copy of the lens.  No optical issues at all.

Sample Images: Taken using a Leica M11, most of the images are wide open f/2 at 0.3m MFD, with the exception of the 2 church structure images, which are f/8.

Lens includes a rear M cap, front cap, aftermarket bayonet hood and 12 month warranty.