Carl Zeiss 50mm f/2 Planar – Omnar Rehousing – ZM50-20


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Carl Zeiss ZM 50mm f/2 Planar Lens, which has been rehoused into the universal brass omnar helicoid body. One-off, bespoke creation.

This lens’s original helicoid was damaged and beyond repair. As a result the perfectly good optical block was orphaned.

We took the optical block and removed it from the broken helicoid lower body. We designed and built a new brass helicoid body for the lens, which has a new MFD of 0.6m. The new body contains no teflon rollers, ensuring its longevity for decades to come. The original lens parts received a custom paint job from Camerakote.

Near Mint/ Like New.
The existing mechanics of the lens were ultrasonically cleaned, and repainted. The new mechanics are antiqued brass finish. Lens is very smooth to focus thanks to the all brass helicoid.
M bayonet is 6-bit coded.

Near Mint/ Like New. No Haze, No Fungus, No Scratches.

Lens comes with a front and rear lens cap.

The lens’s existing focus ring was reused during the rehousing, the distance scales on this focus ring do not apply to the new brass internal helicoid due to a slightly different thread pitch which has yielded a longer focus throw on the new lens body.

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