Carl Zeiss Jena 2.8cm f/8 Tessar – Converted to Leica M via Omnar


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Carl Zeiss Jena 2.8cm f/8 Tessar – Converted to Leica M via Omnar

Mechanics: Using the brass bodied Omnar lens, we have converted the vintage Carl Zeiss Jena 2.8cm f/8 Tessar to Leica M with full RF coupling from Infinity to 0.67m.
Custom Gloss Black Lacquer focus ring and finger tab finished by Camerakote of Staffordshire, England; and containing metric distance increments. The rest of the lens is either stock gloss black or antique finished brass for that vintage look and feel. This beautiful lens began its life as a nickel-era CRF lens. The lens underwent a full restoration during conversion, aperture system cleaned and rebuilt.

Optics: Uncoated 28mm Tessar formula lens – the original wide angle Zeiss lens. Optics are in excellent condition for their age, some minor marks, nothing major. No haze, no fungus.

Included with the lens is a custom front cap and rear metal cap, both Omnar logo branded.

This lens is a one-off bespoke creation, it’s the only fully RF coupled 28mm Tessar lens for Leica M usage we know to exist. Like all our lenses, all the mechanics are designed, fabricated, finished and hand assembled in the United Kingdom to the very highest of mechanical engineering standards.

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