Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/1.5 Sonnar LTM/M <1938-2226443> Air-Feel Mod with Stick


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Optics: Excellent Condition for age, front element has some very tiny cleaning marks towards the outer element edge. Internally, a few minor marks mostly to the outer edges of one of the elements, beyond the image circle. Rear element appears mint.
Nothing that affects image quality.

Lens is a very sharp Sonnar dated to 1938.

Aperture: 100% Oil Free (ultrasonic cleaning).
Mechanics: Excellent – Lens mechanics were degreased, ultrasonically cleaned, polished, helicoid was rehoned with our Air-Feel mod. Synthetic PTFE infused greases used. Focus ring modified with the brass Air-Feel control stick.  New black font work. Apertures f/4 and f/5.6 in red fonts, to indicate Apex of the Sonnar Focus Shift.

Lens underwent a full restoration – completely dismantled, restored, then rebuilt from the ground up.  Lens has been adjusted and collimated for accurate Leica RF usage.  Lens formula contains focus shift (a classic Sonnar trait).  This lens has been optimised for:  f/1.5 at close to mid distances.
Lens comes with an LTM to M adapter and front and rear lens caps.  It also has a screw on ventilated matching hood.

Please note, the Leica cameras shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only and not included in this listing.

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