Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/1.5 T Sonnar LTM/M <1940-2610297> Black N Brass


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Optics: Very Good Condition for age, front element has some very tiny cleaning marks and some fine scratches. Internally, a few minor marks probably from past cleanings.  Rear element has a series of cleaning marks and fine scratches.  Gallery photos of the lens help show the condition.
Nothing that should affect image quality.  There is no haze, fungus or any serious optical issues.

Lens is a T coated Sonnar dated to 1940.

Aperture: 100% Oil Free (ultrasonic cleaning).

Mechanics: Excellent – Lens mechanics were degreased, ultrasonically cleaned, partially polished. Fresh Synthetic greases. Certain parts of the lens have been finished in black. The focus ring has silver knurling.  Apertures f/4 and f/5.6 in red fonts, to indicate Apex of the Sonnar Focus Shift.  The aperture has just one control tab wing, the other tab wing has been removed sometime in the distant past.  This second tab wing removal has no bearing on the function of the aperture ring; it still turns smoothly and works as it should. The removed wing area has been polished down to blend in to the rest of the lens.
The Depth of Field Scale and Aperture Indicator dot are orientated towards the viewfinder window (as opposed to straight up).  Some older LTM RF lenses (Canon and Nikon S) do this purposely, as users could view the focus distance and aperture setting through the viewfinder.  This one seems to share this angled trait.
Lens has been finished to a ‘Rock N Roll’ theme, due to its more customised, non-typical and well used appearance!  Would go well with a Drifter themed RF camera.

Lens underwent a full restoration – completely dismantled, restored, then rebuilt from the ground up.  Lens has been adjusted and collimated for accurate Leica RF usage.  Lens formula contains focus shift (a classic Sonnar trait).  This lens has been optimised for:  f/1.5 at close to mid distances.
Lens comes with an LTM to M adapter and front and rear lens caps. The front and rear caps are both black metal, with the front cap containing an engraved Zeiss Jena logo.  It also has a custom made brass filter.  The filter is 40.5mm threaded, and very well built. Filter has some fine marks on its filter glass, but generally is mostly clear and in good optical condition.

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