Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/1.5 ‘Un-coated’ Sonnar – All Brass – Leica RF conversion


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This is a chrome plated, all brass, custom made lens by Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics, Scotland.

Near Mint/ Almost flawless
Optics are some of the best condition glass we have ever seen in a vintage Sonnar lens.

The 5cm Sonnar was removed from its CRF housing, and placed into a bepokely made LTM housing. Unlike other LTM Sonnar lenses which are aluminium, this one is all solid brass and built to very high standards. It has received various custom made parts done by us, such as brass helicoids, focus down to 0.7m, brass focus stick, brass outer parts that were chrome plated and laser engraved.

It is the finest bodied sonnar we have made, and served as one of the reference prototype while developing our Bertele lens.

The body has some minor marks and wear on the aperture ring. The aperture has some minor oil on some blades.

The focus is buttery smooth, and the lens is RF coupled down to 0.7m MFD.

It comes with front clear filter, and front and rear metal caps.

This is a one-off creation that supported development of out Bertele project to see what a full brass sonnar lens would be like in usage, and we will not be making another one like this.

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