Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/2.0 Sonnar LTM/M <1937 -1984475> Classic Silver/ Chrome


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Optics: Good enough condition for its age.  The front element has many fine cleaning marks, and a series of scratches.  Rear element also has a few scratches.  Internally, the usual micro air bubbles in a few places. Even with the fine cleaning marks and scratches, the lens takes excellent photos (some samples in the gallery).

Lens is an uncoated Sonnar dated to around 1937.

Aperture: 100% Oil Free (ultrasonic cleaning).

Mechanics: Very Good – Lens mechanics were degreased, ultrasonically cleaned, polished  and new font work added. Fresh Synthetic greases. Apertures f/4 and f/5.6 in red fonts to indicate Apex of the Sonnar Focus Shift.

Close focus mod: Lens mechanics and helicoid have been modified to focus down to 0.9m (instead of the standard 1m) with full RF cam support.

Lens underwent a full restoration – completely dismantled, restored, then rebuilt from the ground up.  Lens has been adjusted and collimated for accurate Leica RF usage.  Lens formula contains focus shift (a classic Sonnar trait).  This lens has been optimised for:  f/2 at close to mid distances.
Lens comes with an LTM to M adapter and front and rear lens caps. The front lens cap is metal with an engraved Zeiss Jena logo. Lens also includes a ventilated screw-on hood, and a vintage BDB Y2 (Yellow) screw on 40.5mm filter.

Its no surprise these uncoated Sonnars are valued for their expanded tonality in Black and White/ Monochrom photography.  As such, the monochrom shooter has a Y2 filter included with the lens to get them started.  Other 40.5mm colour filters can easily be bought on popular auction sites.

Please note, the Leica cameras shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only and not included in this listing.

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