Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/2 – Gloss Black – Un-Coated 1941 – 0.7m MFD and Air Feel Mod


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Optics: Very good/ excellent for lens’s age. A few cleaning marks and fine scratches on front element. Some minor cleaning marks on rear element. Glass has several micro air bubbles inside (very common due to the glass recipe used by Zeiss during this era).

Aperture: Clean and fully working.

Mechanics: A few minor ageing marks, some areas where the chrome has worn off on the brass aperture ring.

About the lens service:
Lens underwent a full restoration and conversion to Leica RF.
All lens mechanics were dismantled and ultrasonically cleaned. Helicoid was re-honed for improved smoothness. Our custom made brass ‘Air-Feel’ focus stick has been installed on to the focus ring. Helicoid and RF cam have been modified to allow 0.7m ‘Minimum Focus Distance’ while still retaining RF coupling with the camera. Optical elements were cleaned and set to a Effective Focal Length of: 51.6mm, which allows accurate Leica RF focus. Lens has 6-bit coding. The ‘4 and 5.6’ aperture fonts have been painted red, to indicate focus shift apertures. Lens has been calibrated for f/2 (wide open) aperture usage.

Included with the lens is a screw-on ventilated hood, a rear M cap, a front 40.5mm clip-on cap and a screw-on 40.5mm vintage yellow filter.

Please note:

The Leica camera shown in some of the photos is for reference purposes only and not included in the sale.


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