Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/2 Sonnar for LTM – Post War-East German – SN 2687527


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Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/2 Sonnar for Leica LTM.

This is a post war, multi-coated, East German made Sonnar.

The body was polished, optics and aperture cleaned, lens has new helicoid grease and has been calibrated for Leica RF standards. Lens focuses accurately on Leica rangefinder cameras. Optics have some light cleaning marks, but nothing major.  The lens can focus down to 0.9m MFD. New font work was also done on the lens.

Please note: when put on a Leica LTM camera, or LTM to M adapter, the depth of field scale is rotated 90 degrees to the left (see photo). This doesn’t affect RF focus of the lens.  We noticed this on some other East German rangefinder lenses we have done in the past also.

Lens also includes a screw on 40.5mm chrome/ brass front filter, a rear screw on metal LTM cap and a front push on Carl Zeiss Jena cap.