Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/2 Sonnar – Leica M 50mm Post War T Coated


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A rather uniquely converted Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/2 Sonnar, which is in a custom made Leica RF body for LTM/ M usage.
Lens is mostly made of chrome plated brass, and contains an all brass helicoid inside.

I suspect this lens was made bespokely in East Germany, Post War. It has certain engraved markings such as the aperture control fonts and other designators that match other East German Jena made lenses we’ve seen.
We fully dismantled the lens, and gave it one of our restoration services, which ultrasonically clean all the mechanics. We then put new synthetic greases in and rebuilt the lens from the ground up.

Lens has been calibrated for f/2 usage on Leica M/ LTM cameras.

Mechanically, lens body has a few marks and some areas where the chrome plating is wearing down and the under brass beginning to show through.

Optically, lens is excellent condition, with only a faint 1-2 fine cleaning marks on the front optic. Lens comes with a brass 40.5mm Walz UV filter. Lens also comes with a LTM to M adapter (50-75 frame line trigger) and a rear M cap.

This is a very interesting lens body, made by a master craftsman of their day back just after the war. The design reflects the machinist of that time who no doubt was tasked to make a 5cm Sonnar for Leica LTM camera usage. Something that could be a special order at Carl Zeiss Jena upon request. No two custom made LTM lenses ever appear the same, truly treasures to be appreciated.

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