Carl Zeiss Jena 7.5cm f/1.5 Biotar – Adapted to Leica M mount


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Mechanics:  Fully restored mechanics which underwent ultrasonic cleaning, multi-stage polishing and new font work.  New internal synthetic greases in the helicoid and aperture control.  A custom-made Exakta to Leica M mount conversion has been installed onto the rear of this lens. This permits the lens to mount onto Leica M cameras or mirrorless with an appropriate adapter.  The mount conversion is removable if desired, thus the original integrity of this vintage lens remains intact and unmodified.  The lens does not have RF coupling, thus can be focused only using the Leica M240, M10 and M11 using live-view of an external EVF/ Visioflex.

Optics: Excellent, a few minor coating marks.  Some very minor dust/ debris inside, mostly to the edge of the internal elements. No scratches.  No fungus.  No haze.

Lens underwent an optical recentering, where each element was cleaned, then centered into the sub optical block and positioned precisely along the optical axis, centering the elements to evenly distribute aberrations.  This has made the lens very sharp and contrasty wide open, compared to how the lens was before the optical re-centering.

It has the extremely rare single coating.  For those in the know, the single coated Carl Zeiss Jena lenses are often sharper than the pre-war uncoated, or post-war multi-coated versions.  This copy absolutely follows that trend, and is the one to get if looking for the highest performing and impeccably restored 7.5cm Biotar.

Includes a matching front push-on Contax metal cap and rear metal M cap.
Comes with a complimentary E55 B+W F-Pro UV Filter.

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