Custom Nikkor-SC 5cm f/1.4 to Leica M Conversion via Omnar


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Mechanics: New brass helicoid Omnar body modified to house the Nikkor-SC lens. Focus ring engraved with metric distance increments. Brass finger tab. Lens able to focus from 0.67m to Infinity while maintaining full RF coupling. Semi-Gloss Black Cerakote Finish by Camerakote of Staffordshire, England.

Optics: Near Mint, few minor coating marks. No major scratches. No fungus. No haze. Lens underwent an optical cleaning and service during conversion. Aperture control system was fully dismantled and rebuilt.

Bespoke, one-off creation. Only one like this. Amazing image quality, see last photo.
Includes a front push-on metal cap and a rear metal Omnar branded M cap.
Comes with a complimentary E43 Yashica UV Filter.