Leica 50mm Summilux-R E55 V2 with RF Coupling


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A first of its kind, the late model E55 V2 Summilux-R, now permanently converted to Leica M mount with full RF coupling from 0.67m-Infinity. No focus shift present. Lens can focus down to 0.45m with live-view, and from 0.67m to Infinity using the rangefinder system on camera.

6-bit coded M mount.

Total weight after conversion: 497g

Conversion mechanics are a combination of precision brass and aluminium parts designed and manufactured in the UK.

Outer conversion parts painted by Aaron of @camerakote

This is a one-off conversion which took a few weeks to engineer and fabricate. We will not be offering batches of these; this may be the only one we do.  Sample images shown at end of gallery.  Images taken on a Leica M240.

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