Nikkor S.C. 50mm f/1.4 LTM/ M Lens – 0.7m RF Coupled Mod


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Nikkor S.C. 50mm f/1.4 LTM/ M lens, which has been serviced by us.  The lens has undergone CNC modification to permit the RF coupling to continue to track down to 0.7m focus distance (previously it was 1m as stock).  The ‘focus bump’ at 1m (as stock) has also been removed.  The lens is also able to focus down to 1.5ft (0.38m) MFD.  The 0.38m to 0.7m focus range of the lens is “uncoupled” and the 0.7m to Infinity focus range of the lens is now fully RF coupled.  This allows the lens to have the full RF focus range that film and digital Leica M cameras are capable of.
Mechanics: CNC Modded as described above to permit new RF focus abilities.  New synthetic greases in the helicoid system.  Focus is very smooth, aperture control click stops work very well.  Mechanical finish of the lens is excellent, some marks mainly near the front filter area (presumably from a push on hood usage in the past).
Note: The aperture blades have a little bit of oil on them, mostly seen at f/16 (see photos).  This does not affect the images taken in any way.
Optics: Excellent, near mint optics… which is quite rare for the age of this lens. Beautiful deep blue and purple double coatings. A few minor/ micro cleaning marks at best.  There is a pleasant glow to the images at f/1.4, which is gone and contrast increases a lot by f/2 (typical behavior for this Sonnar derivative formula lens).
Sample Images: Taken using a Leica M11, combination of wide open, f/2 and f/8 images.
Beautiful colors these Nikkor lenses are known for, with pleasant Sonnar like rendering and ample sharpness.
Lens includes a front 43mm UV filter (Hoya Fusion Glass), 6-bit LTM to M adapter, rear M cap, and a push on metal front Leica logo cap.