NK35-18 Omnar Lens – Gloss Black


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This is a special edition version of the NK35-18 lenses we recently designed for Omnar lenses.
This one is unique in that it uses diamond knurling focus ring design and gold-silver highlighted aperture control ring.
It’s finished in Gloss Black Lacquer with a slight pre-brassing effect. It has a custom made front metal cap also finished also in gloss black lacquer.
This lens is a different external design than the other production batch NK35-18 lenses, and thus we’ve assigned the “lucky number seven” serial number to it. More specifically: 007

The optics in this lens are excellent. There are a few minor coating/ cleaning marks on the rear element (please, see the photos).  The front element and other internal elements are mint. Aperture blades are clean with no oil. The glass was imported from Japan in order to get as pristine an optical specimen as possible for conversion into this unique NK35-18 body. The lens has the “heavy” focus feel, using a thicker grease compared to the “light” version. This allows the lens to have a very precise focus feel to it. The lens is RF coupled from 0.65m to Infinity, and has close focus abilities down to 0.35m MFD. There are slots on the bayonet for the user to code the lens to their preference.

About the NK35-18 lens:

We’ve taken the W-Nikkor 3.5cm f/1.8 S mount lenses and transplanted the optical block to a custom-made, all-brass body we design and manufacture and hand assemble here in Scotland. Only sixteen of these lenses thus far have been made by us. Nearly all have gone to clients that had pre-ordered the lens thru Omnar Lenses website back in January 2023.
This is the only gloss black version of the NK35-18 lens we have for sale from that batch. All sample images shown in the galley were shot wide open (f/1.8) with the NK35-18 lens using a Leica M9 and M11.

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