Before forming Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics, nearly two decades were spent working and developing many high precision complex assemblies for various industries. Our experience and expertise in these areas are brought to the camera lens repair, service and fabrication realm. It allows us to offer a unique set of services, that typically would only be found in either the specialised engineering firms or larger camera lens manufacturers of Germany and Japan.

Eventually, the team felt it was the right time for a small-sized custom camera lens manufacturer to enter the European market. We have capabilities above and beyond the more typical camera lens technicians and can provide quicker turnaround times. Yet, we are below the vast volumes and product ranges Leica and Cosina now offer.

We have invested into acquiring the talent, equipment, machinery, building space, tools, software and materials needed to focus on becoming what our head engineer calls “the Miyazaki San of the West’. It was a very natural transition to begin embracing Zeiss, Leica and Voigtlander camera lenses which we’ve always had a passion for, and to start a company that supported those product ranges.

We aim to provide a robust, modern set of services to purely manual focus camera lens users who seem to be experiencing a crisis of availability, realistic turn around times, and unavailable components regards their mechanical lens service needs. While we are able to service most mechanical focus lenses, we specialise in rangefinder lenses especially. Equally, companies like Light Lens Lab with their 8-element replica, and 7Artisans with their affordable M lenses, have inspired us greatly also.

Our goal is to become a designer and manufacturer of limited-edition boutique lenses in Europe, but also servicing customers beyond the European market with our repair, conversion, servicing and custom engineering/fabrication abilities.

Thus, Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics, currently based in Scotland, was formed.
We are equally proud to be the only rangefinder lens manufacturer in the entire United Kingdom.
Nearly all of us at Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics are huge classic Sonnar lens fans. We own a combined 70+ Sonnar lenses put together. It seemed very fitting that the first lens we would release would be a classic Sonnar formula, very similar to the pre-war 1937 Jena collapsible which we have affection for, but with modern mechanics and coatings.

As one of our founding partners has said: ‘I want the optics of the lens to be Sonnar, but the mechanics to be Summicron!’

What People Say

Nice lens, perfectly calibrated, highly recommended.

-Manfred ,Germany

Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics provide excellent CLA service, precise lens conversions and accurate calibrations.

-Francois, France

Lens condition better than expected! Thank You!

– Isan, Germany

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