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Hamish at has done a write up about one of our rehoused Zeiss Jena 50mm f/2 Sonnar lenses. The article can be found here:

Recently, Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics spoke with Hamish of about our upcomming 5cm F/2 Bertele lens. The full interview can be found here:

Dr. Ludwing Bertele (1900-1985)
Optical designer of the original Sonnar lenses

Introducing the Skyllaney: 50mm f/2 ‘Bertele’.
Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics is hard at work developing thier new 50mm f/2 Bertele lens. By 2021, we hope to release our first limited edition run of a 50mm f/2 classic Sonnar formula lens in native M bayonet, which optically is based very closely off the1937 pre-war era design by Dr Ludwig Bertele.
Our version contains the same element radii that were established by the good Doctor in 1937, but marries them with modern AR coatings which have increased contrast and reduced flaring. We also are implementing a 9 bladed 1937 sytle rounded aperture for enhanced bokeh, a high precision brass helicoid, 90-100 degree focus swing from 0.7m to infinity, a high-speed focusing body utilising a finger tab, all kept in a compact body no larger than the v4 cron. It will be initially offered in black anodised (6061 Aluminium) or chrome (Brass) finishes, with an initial run of 150 lenses, with possibly another 100 to follow. Each one will have the front filter ring customisable by the customer with up to 18 characters, in addiiton to ‘ Bertele 50mm f/2’ and the lenses limited run serial number.

Here, at Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics, we have an affection towards Sonnar formula lenses, and we see the desire of our clients to experience these wonderful lenses for themselves. Because of that, we work on entirely restoring classic Contax I and Jupiter 8 lenses.

We have spent many months designing, developing, assembling and testing our custom-built, high precision dual 4 axis CNC machine. The machine has its four main axes (X, Y, Z, A) computer-controlled through CAM control software. It uses anti-backlash lead screws and ball screws, high precision/high torque stepper motors and high voltage drivers. The machine was extensively trammed and tested, the custom backlash systems further tweaked, and then certified using precision dial test indicators. We periodically re-tram it to ensure its continued accuracy.