Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics provide excellent CLA service, precise lens conversions and accurate calibrations. It’s a pleasure to deal with an experienced and professional engineer who is an artist of the opto-mechanics.

-Francois, France

It’s really a great job you did with the lens, I’m very impressed with the quality of your work, the lens itselt and the calibration. I can highly recommend your service.

-Tobias, Germany

I had a 35mm Summicron V2 serviced by Skyllaney. It had haze, very slight fungus, and was front focusing about an inch at 0.7m. It came back better than expected and the focus is now perfect. Turn around times and communication were also excellent. They are very detailed with the work and explanations, which is more than I can say for some of the “well known” leica repair shops I have sent optics to.

-Danny, Canada

My six #lockdown tasks done thanks to #skyllaneyoptomechanics who serviced and repaired my Canon 50mm 1.4 ltm, Zeiss 28mm 2.8 converted to m mount lens, Leica 35mm 2.8 Summaron, Leica 90mm 4.0 Elmar C, Leica 90mm 2.8 Tele-Elmarit and 50mm 2.0 Summicron DR. Top class work. Many thanks.

-Ian, U.K.

Chris and the team at Skyllaney are nothing short of exceptional when it comes to their technical knowledge and their customer service. The world of old lenses can be confusing and finding people who really know what they’re talking about can be tricky, even more so one who will look at your lens within the first 3 months of you sending it. Within days of receiving my lens, Skyllaney wrote extensive emails with details about my lens and the possible repair/service work and an incredible attention to detail, not only to the technical side of the lens but also its history. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, top notch.

-Alex, U.K.

What a fantastic job Chris did for me including some research and experimentation on getting the right screws with great communications from arrival through to getting it back. The lens (which is a gem) has been restored to as new or even better to be truthful. Bravo to Skyllaney!!! You should really try them out for servicing or adding 6-bit coding.

-Des, U.K.

Skyllaney is excellent to deal with and does amazing work. I have two of their lenses.

-Greg, U.S.A.

Very nice job on the lens. Just opened the box; focus with my M10 Monochrom seems to be spot on, and I think you got the grease just right. I detect no binding at all close-up; it’s stiffer to focus but I think in time it will settle into a happy compromise in that regard. Well done.
Much appreciate your work, and Vita’s attention to matters administrative.

-Michael, U.S.A.

Just to say that my 50/2 Sonnar lens arrived today. What a beautiful piece of restoration. I just love the Zeiss glass I have for my old Contax rangefinder. Now I can have it on my Leica M10 too. The calibration is spot on. Once I have the feel of the focus shift from the digital I suspect it will go to live on my M7 with some Ilford film. I have handled quite a few USSR Jupiter lenses over the years but never would I have imagined that the bodies could be made to look and feel so good.

Many thanks for your work bringing these old gems back to life.

-Iain, Scotland
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