Full Service:

IMPORTANT: for our international customers we have a minimum order value of £450, to cover administrative costs of dealing with customs and international shipping.

To read what is included in our full service option please click here:

Leica Screw and M mount lenses, non Aspherical:  £240

Leica M mount lenses, Aspherical: £250

Zeiss ZM lenses, including the 35mm ZM Distagon: £250 (case by case basis, some lenses require spare parts)

Voigtlander VM and LTM lenses: £240

Canon lenses: £350 (see note below)

Expedited service charge (10-14 day turnaround time): £120

Other Leica rangefinder-compatible lenses: contact us for a quote.

Please note:

Most Canon rangefinder lenses have old outgassing lubricants that create haze on the optics over time. To rectify this issue, we only offer a “full restoration” price on these lenses, so that they can be completely dismantled and every part ultrasonically cleaned to remove all traces of the old lubricant.

Thus far, we have found only two rangefinder lenses that can’t be done at the above price rates due to their complexity. The first is the Leica 50mm ASPH Summilux. The second is the Zeiss ZM 85mm f/2 Sonnar made in Germany (not to be confused with earlier Contax, Jena and Opton models).
Both lenses, due to their FLE design and multi helicoid implementation to drive said FLE, requires the usage of specialised tools and jigs to ensure the lens is disassembled and assembled correctly. We offer partial services for these lenses, which involve helicoid re-lubrication and general cleaning. We are not able to tend to any internal defects that may exist within the lenses optical stack up, especially near the FLE area at the moment, as this requires very specialised tooling.
Other lens designs that contain FLE’s, such as the Zeiss 35mm Distagon f/1.4 ZM lens, we have worked on without issue.

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Other Services:

Full restorations: Contact us for a quote
Vintage lenses can be fully restored to new or beyond new condition. This includes body polishings and re-paintings, new font work, parts being remade or re-honed…etc.

6-Bit coding of existing M lens bayonet: £129 (10% discount for 3 or more lenses in the same order).
Not all lenses can be done, however most Zeiss ZM, Voigtlander VM and Leica M lenses can be. We can add 6-bit coding to lenses by removing the bayonet off the lens and placing it on our specially designed coding machine.

Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 ZM Biogon with 6-Bit coding

In-house lens re-fonting: £40 (only done during full service or full restoration)

We can change the font colour of your lenses during servicing. What has become especially popular is our service to change the yellow fonts on Leica lenses to red.  We can also touch-up and fill existing fonts that have become worn or tarnished over time.
Colours on offer: White, Black, Red

Leica 50mm Summilux and 90mm Tele-Elmarit, with new white and red font work.

Finger Sticks: £120 – £150 (some finger stick installations require a full service of the lens)

We can make a custom finger focus stick which can be screwed onto most lenses at our workshop. We can also engrave initials on the end of the stick. We can make the sticks from either lightweight aircraft aluminium or heavier brass. 
Optional painting of the stick is also possible. Contact us for more info.

Complete conversions:

Please follow the link below to access full information on all types of conversions we have to offer:

Please contact us for a quote:

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