Leica M

We have a long history of servicing Leica M lenses, and often also do full restorations on lenses that have been deemed otherwise, unrepairable.  We have rescued a 50mm ASPH Summilux that had undergone severe impact damage, fully restored a 90mm Tele-Elmarit that had been helicoid mis-threaded, aperture malfunctioned, fungus infested and optically reassembled with elements out of order by an amateur repair attempt, and serviced Noctilux’s to permit smoother focus. Most Leica lenses from the early 1950’s to the Mandler era, and even recent Karbe designs, we have performed services on. We are also able to calibrate goggles lenses, such as the 35mm Summaron and 50mm Summicron with spectacles attachments.

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