Canon LTM, Nikon LTM anD F, Konica M

Canon LTM

The classic Canon LTM lenses are very beautifully engineered and built.  They have a rendering that is unique and vibrant in colour.

Nikon LTM and F

We’ve done full service and restoration to several Nippon Kogaku lenses, as well as lenses for the F mount SLR camera line. We have serviced a few film cameras also, but at this time, are not offering film camera servicing, electing to focus more on lenses.

Konica M-Hexanon

Konica M-Hexanon lenses normally are not calibrated to the same standards as Leica RF lenses are. We can take your Hexanon-M lens and re-calibrate it to work properly on Leica M cameras, in addiiton to servicing these line of lenses also.

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