Carl Zeiss 38mm f/2.8 Sonnar – Contax T to Leica M Adaptation


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Carl Zeiss 38mm f/2.8 Sonnar from a Contax T camera, rehoused into Leica M mount for usage on digital Leica and mirrorless cameras.

The 38mm Sonnar lens was removed from a broken Contax T P&S camera.
We created a custom lower body that rehoused the 38mm Sonnar into a non-RF coupled Leica M bayonet. This 38mm Sonnar has been correctly collimated so when its focus ring is set to infinity, the lens’s focal plane also reaches infinity. The distance scale marks on the lens are very accurate.

Focusing is done by using the ring at the front of the lens. To adjust the aperture, the lower ring is used. This lens is very small, so its adjustment ergonomics could be a challenge for those with large hands. The focus and aperture control rings are barely larger than the Leica camera shutter speed dials. Nonetheless, this pancake lens packs a powerful punch in terms of optical performance. Stopped down, the lens is able to out-resolve the 60mp Leica M11 sensor (amazing achievement for this Contax lens). It also renders colors very beautifully. There is a reason the Contax T cameras are cult classics, and it has a-lot to do with the 38mm Sonnar lens.

The lens should work on the later digital Leica M cameras that have live view/ electronic viewfinder attachments. It also should work fine on mirrorless cameras with the appropriate adapter. It can be used on Leica M film cameras, but you have to use the zone focus scales on the lens. The lens has no RF coupling.

Sample Images: Taken with a Leica M11, either f/2.8 or f/8 aperture setting.

Priced very fairly, considering a broken Contax T cameras that this lens was removed from, sell for 550+ GBP or more on Ebay.

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