Carl Zeiss Jena 180mm f/2.8 Sonnar Lens – Adapted to Leica M


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Post-war, Carl Zeiss Jena 180mm f/2.8 Sonnar lens, in the style known as: Zebra

This lens underwent a full tear-down, service and rebuild.  A custom made Pentacon 6 to Leica M bayonet adapter has been created for the lens also, which has ‘zebra style’ knurling to match the main body of the 180mm Sonnar lens.

The mechanics were all ultrasonically cleaned. They are in excellent condition for the lens’s age. The helicoid and aperture control are both silky smooth and have fresh synthetic greases. The elements of the optical block were re-centered upon reassembly for maximum sharpness wide open. The custom made P6 to LM adapter can be removed if desired, reverting the lens back to P6 mount.  The adapter was done in-house and is of a very high quality using anodized black aluminum and brass parts to match the native Sonnar body. Please note, this lens it not RF coupled.

The optical elements were all cleaned during the conversion. There does not appear to be any discernable scratches that can be detected. There is no haze and no fungus. Again, the optics on this lens also are in excellent condition considering age.  The elements are multi-coated. The lens is very sharp (see samples).  There is some very minor dust (few micro specks) on some internal elements that could not be entirely removed during the service.

Sample Images:
The sample images were taken using a 60mp Leica M11 camera.

Lens comes with a front cap, rear M cap, and the custom made P6 to LM adapter.

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