Carl Zeiss Jena 3.5cm f/2.8 Biogon LTM/M


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Optics: Excellent, a few minor marks on the front element.  Internal and rear elements – scratch and mark free.  Rear element appears to have no visible scratches (this is rare, as most of these have scratched rear elements due to the rear lens protrusion).

Aperture: 100% Oil Free

Mechanics: Excellent – Full Restoration (Ultrasonic clean and degrease, multi-stage polishing, re-built for Leica RF optimization, new synthetic greases, new font work).



This is a very rare LTM Biogon lens, made by Carl Zeiss Jena.  It is uncoated (aka: pre-war optics), its serial number dates to 1938.  One of the earliest LTM Biogon copies we’ve ever come across.  Lens underwent a full restoration.  Upon reassembly, the optics were centered and collimated for accurate Leica RF usage.

Lens comes with a front cap, LTM to M adapter and rear ‘deep’ M cap.

Please note, the Leica cameras shown in the photos, is for illustration purposes only, and not included in this listing.

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