Cooke Amotal 2 Inch f/2.0 ELC Anastigmat LTM/ M lens – Fully Serviced


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Cooke Amotal 2 Inch f/2 ELC Anastigmat lens, which has been fully serviced. Lens also includes a 6-bit code LTM to M adapter and 1 year warranty.

Mechanics were cleaned, lightly polished, and reassembled using synthetic low-outgassing lubricants. Aperture control system was also rebuilt and all old grease/ oil purged out of the assembly. The lens focuses from 3 feet (1m) to Infinity with RF coupling to drive the rangefinder system on Leica rangefinder style cameras. Lens was re-calibrated for f/2 accuracy across the 1m to Infinity distances.

Optically the lens is in good condition. The front element shows some very minor scratches, a few coating and minor cleaning marks. The rear element is also in good condition with a few very minor cleaning and coating marks. A few minor specks of dust inside. There is also a few minor coating cleaning marks internally. None of these appear to affect the image quality, and the lens is sharp wide open, full of contrast, and makes some stunning images (see gallery).

Lens has been calibrated for f/2 aperture. This is an extremely sharp lens when stopped down. It easily will out-resolve 40mp+ sensors at f/5.6. Lens was tested on a Leica M11, and resolution the lens is able to output for its age is astonishing.

Lens includes a front push on cap and a rear plastic M cap. Also includes an LTM to M adapter which has been 6-bit coded.

It includes a 1 year warranty.