NK35-25 – Omnar – Safari Special Edition


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Recently we did a batch of NK35-25 Omnar lenses, which rehouse the phenomenal Nikonos 35mm lens from the underwater Calypso camera system.

These 35mm Nikonos lenses are very sharp for their size, easily out resolving the 60 megapixel sensor of the Leica M11 when stopped down to f/5.6-f/8.
Wide open, central sharpness already is very good, and the bokeh/ rendering of the lens is very much classic Nikon (goey saturated colours) while maintaining a sense of high contrast. Compared to the more subtle colours the Leica lenses render, the Nikonos 35mm lenses are more HDR colour like, with vibrant tonalities.
The Nikonos lenses have a beautiful Aquamarine and purple lens coating to them, reflecting their original dual aquatic and land applications.

These 35mm Nikonos lenses were rehoused by placing them into an all-brass, high-precision helicoid body, purposely made for these lenses. A unique aperture control ring also provided the necessary function of adjusting the lenses internal iris, from: f/2.5 thru f/32 aperture ranges.

The M bayonet has 6-bit coding slots, allowing the user to code the lens at their preference. The lens has a minimum focus distance of just 0.4m, allowing for some unique perspective images at this ultra close focus range. In order to use the lens between 0.4m and 0.67m, either a digital rangefinder with live view is recommend for these ranges; or one can use the focus distance scale for film era and non-live view cameras. The lens is RF coupled from 0.67m thru Infinity, and able to be used with the split patch rangefinder system of Leica M rangefinder style type cameras, such as the Leica M2 thru M11, including also Voigtlander VM Bessa and Zeiss ZM Ikon film rangefinders.

This special edition NK35-25, was hand painted by Pierro of PPP Cameras.
The unique Omnar conversion mechanics are all designed, manufactured and assembled in the United Kingdom.
Its size is barely larger then the CN26 lens we did in 2021, making the NK35-25 one of the smallest, and also highest build quality, 35mm focal length lenses available today.

The NK35-25 Omnar lenses were a limited run batch, and this Safari Special Edition version is the only one we have left for sale.