Omnar NK35-25 (Nikonos 35mm Calypso – Leica M Conversion)


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This is a conversion of the Nikonos 35mm f/2.5 lens originally for the Calypso underwater camera system.  These lenses are extremely sharp and highly compact, and show beautiful bokeh and vibrant colours in usage.  See a variety of sample images in the gallery using the Leica M9 and M11 cameras.

Lens has been expertly converted using an all brass helicoid NK35-25 Omnar lens body, which is custom made for these Nikonos lenses.  The lens is able to focus down to 0.35m MFD, and is RF coupled from 0.65m thru Infinity.

The finish on this lens is clear gloss lacquer over polished brass, with black satin highlights.  A custom made push on front cap was made for the lens, also of solid brass.  The lens has our quick/ light focus feel (most similar to older summicron) and is a pleasure to use on both film and digital rangefinder cameras.

The optics are in very good- excellent condition and are scratch and haze free.  Do note, as in most of our conversions, the optics are being reused and repurposed from their original housings into our new mechanical bodies.  We strive to get the best optical specimens of each lens in for these type of conversions.  Still, due to the fact that these lenses date back to the 1960’s, there may be some micro marks or tiny dust specks that we can’t fully remove when servicing and converting the lenses.

This is the final lens of our batch II (2023) NK35-25 conversions. The cameras shown in some photos are for illustration purposes only.