Orion-15 28mm f/6 LTM Lens – Restored and Leica RF Calibrated


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This is 1960’s era Soviet made 28mm f/6 lens, which has been fully serviced and restored by us. During this process, we have re-calibrated the lens from Zorki calibration standard to the Leica calibration standards. Thus now the RF patch of the camera will focus to the apex sharpness zone of the focus field, instead of the far edge as is what happens stock with the Zorki calibrations. This calibration difference is especially noticeable on digital Leica cameras at closer distances.

The mechanics were all ultrasonically cleaned and polished during the conversion. It appears almost new. The helicoid and aperture control are both silky smooth and have fresh synthetic greases. The optical block was re-shimmed for Leica calibration standards. A custom front filter ring extender was made for the lens also, which solves the common problem of the filter threads being too recessed into the body. Now front filter usage is much easier to screw on, and the front filter extender also doubles as a mini lens hood. This extender causes no vignetting of the formula at all. The LTM adapter has also been 6-bit coded, which helps quite a bit to control the lenses natural vignetting.

The optical elements were all cleaned during the conversion. There does not appear to be any discernable scratches that can be detected. There is no haze and no fungus. The lens is very sharp (see samples).

Sample Images:
The sample images were taken using a 60mp Leica M11 camera. Even though the lens is only f/6 speed, its sharpness is quite pronounced even on the higher megapixel rangefinder cameras. The Orion-15 lens is generally known as the best/ sharpest Soviet lens made.

Lens comes with a front cap, rear M cap, and a 6-bit coded LTM to M adapter which triggers the 28/90 frame lines.

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